Replacements to White Rice…

We currenly replaced white rice with brown rice and Quinoa.

Quinoa (pronounced /ˈkiːnwɑː/ or /kɨˈnoʊ.ə/, Spanish quinua, from Quechua kinwa), a species of goosefoot (Chenopodium), is a grain-like crop grown primarily for its edibleseeds. It is a pseudocereal rather than a true cereal, or grain, as it is not a member of the grass family. As a chenopod, quinoa is closely related to species such asbeetsspinach, and tumbleweeds. Its leaves are also eaten as a leaf vegetable, much like amaranth, but the commercial availability of quinoa greens is currently limited

I WILL POST QUINOA RECIPES TOMORROW.  It provides a lot of fiber so you stay full longer.

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Combined workouts

Desiree and I worked out together today.  I ran on the treadmill for 58 mins and she went to our gym and completed some light weight training.  It so much fun to go through a fitness journey with the person we’re spending our life journey with.

Any questions please ask.


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Weight Loss Formula

The true formula for weigh-loss is quite simple:
Burn more calories than you consume and you lose weight. Throw in a little strength exercise and you might actually gain muscle while you loss weight. Theres no magic pill, no magic shake, no magic anything. Just consume less calories than you burn. Plain and simple.

Please ask questions or leave comments.

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How much Sodium (Salt) should an adult consume everyday?

An adult needs only 250 – 500 mg of sodium per day.  Salt is the compound, sodium chloride, and the recommendations apply to sodium not salt.  The National Academies of Science set a Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) of 2300 mg of sodium per day for healthy adults; however, the World Health Organization sets 6000 mg as their upper limit.  For people over age 50 and for anyone with high blood pressure, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends no more than 1500 mg a day.  In the US diet, processed foods contribute 75% of the sodium consumed.

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Welcome to our fitness journey.  Please feel free to leave comments and or Questions.

Thank you for joining us on our journey to a healthier life.

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